Late Night Productivity

For the fifth day in a row I find myself awake at almost 1am, and there’s no sign of being tired in sight. But being a geek has its advantages when this happens. While most people would complain about being awake, try to read a book to coax their body to sleep, or just toss-and-turn in bed, I get to enjoy hacking on stuff. It’s amazing how much more productive I get as the night goes on. This is the sort of schedule I was on in college. I’d spend my days cranking through classes and work, rip through homework as quickly as possible, and then spend the rest of the night learning stuff.

With my late night tonight, I setup this domain, purchased a VPS from Linode, and built the site. I think the biggest pain was configuring nginx with php-fastcgi support. On that note, I find it horribly frustrating that nginx, one of the most lightweight and speedy web servers, causes so much pain to get PHP working. I hardly think that installing spawn-fcgi, and writing a bunch of custom executables and init scripts is an adequate way to go about doing it. But hey, at least it works.

I guess I’ll get back to working on the site. If I can’t get tired soon, I might as well take a shower and go back to work…

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